12 Weeks To Freedom Sex Addiction Intensive
The 12 Weeks to Freedom Sex Addiction Intensive is a online clinical program designed to help men who struggle with sexual compulsive behavior establish sexual sobriety through structure, deep inner healing and accountability.

Clients receive a combination of individual therapy & group therapy while they work through a recovery curriculum designed to help them stop their destructive sexual behavior and live healthy fulfilling lives.

Serving clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine ONLY

Program Phases & Details:
1) Problem Solution Clarity (The Sober Problem): Understand what the problem is and what it is not. Clarity on what it actually takes to get sober and well.

2) Establishing Sexual Sobriety: Define what problematic sexual behavior is for you. What is “sober”. Create an initial behavioral framework and accountability around this definition.

3)Treating The Sober Problem: Clear cut tools to grow and heal in mind, body & spirit. Tailored to your specific needs.

4) Wellness Maintenance: Personalize daily routine is established to help maintain sobriety, wellness and continued growth for long term recovery.

Extras (as needed and as indicated)
Family Counseling - Work with spouse and/or other family members.

Self-actualization awareness, life goals and finding purpose. As sobriety is established, wellness is achieved you are able to establish and work towards “life goals” more efficiently.

Weekly 1 to 1 Therapy (May be split up into 30 minute or 15 quick check-ins)
Curriculum of homework and wellness practices assigned between sessions
Chat access and daily accountability between sessions
***As needed check ins (phone or video)
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Recovered: A state where the "obsession" to act out goes away and maintaining sexual sobriety becomes easy
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